Choose your headhunter carefully

If your headhunter is not giving you advice and telling you things you don’t already know, get a better headhunter.

Applies both if you are a client or a candidate.

Don’t tolerate low quality headhunters.

There are plenty of top headhunters out there but you have to look for them.

As a CANDIDATE, ask questions about the types of clients the headhunter usually works with, the types of jobs, locations, salaries, market trends.

Ask for resume feedback and how to make yourself more employable.

As a CLIENT, also ask about the headhunter’s specialization.

In addition, ask for success stories and typical roadblocks.

Ask how your employer brand is perceived in the market.

Ask how your hiring process compares with other companies.

Ask how you can improve your hiring process.

Ask how you can hire better.

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