Our clients get peace of mind by outsourcing Head of Strategy hires to us.  They feel in good hands trusting an experienced ex McKinsey Consultant to run the search. They minimize the risk of making a wrong hire which can cost them tens of millions.


You should contact us if you:

- prefer recruiters specialized in a certain function.
- have/ foresee hiring needs for senior roles in one of the following:
strategy, (inhouse) consulting, (digital) transformation, finance/ investing or similar.
- need these roles to be based in Asia, Middle East or Europe.
- believe a consulting background is important for these roles.
- believe having a headhunter with a McKinsey background is beneficial.
- want to work exclusively with one firm.
- are tired of cowboy recruiters. You want to deal with a grown up.
- believe retained search is appropriate for the positions you need to fill.
- want a senior person to work on this search (not just on the sale, but the whole search).
- understand this is a relationship. You are ready to invest time and money to make this work.
- want to bigger candidate pool than the Big 5 search firms can provide due to their hands-off agreements.
- care about your employer brand. You want a recruiter who won't damage but elevate your employer brand.
- understand that finding candidates is not the problem. Getting them to respond and getting them interested is.
- are not just looking for resumes.
- are not price sensitive. We are expensive. You get what you pay for.

Did you nod 'yes' when reading these?

We are probably a good match for each other.

Let's talk!


Successful placements:

- Head of Strategy for Fortune 500 FMCG leader
- Head of Strategy for bulge bracket investment bank
- Head of Strategy for Venture Capital funded insurtech unicorn
- Head of Strategy for fintech player in the asset management industry
- Director for Private Equity firm’s operating team
- Digital Business Builder for a giant conglomerate
- Director Digital Transformation for a giant conglomerate
- Director Corporate Development for media & sports unicorn
- VP for Fund of Funds Asset Manager of bulge bracket investment bank
- COO for Private Equity owned High Tech Manufacturer
- CFO for Venture Capital invested tech firm
- Senior Director Business Development for insurance broker
- Head of Strategic Pricing for airline
- Head of Sales for hospitality player
- Director Global Strategy for a leading logistics company
- Director Inhouse Consulting for an agriculture/ pharma giant

Why work with us?

Asia's market leader in placing (ex-) Consultants from McKinsey, Bain, BCG.. into new roles
Unlike other Search Consultants who spend only a fraction of their time doing Consultancy-related searches or mostly work on IT/ Change Management-Consulting-roles, we focus 100% of our time on helping our clients hire candidates with a top-tier Consulting background (McKinsey, BCG, Bain...). We do not accept other searches. That's why we know these candidates better than anyone else. Since our founding in 2010, we have been and remain the only firm in Asia with this laser-like focus. 

Run by a former McKinsey Consultant
Unlike other Search Consultants with a pure recruitment background, we have worked in Management Consulting ourselves: both in external Management Consulting (McKinsey) and In-House Consulting (Fresenius, a Dax-30 company). We are also embedded in the candidates’ professional networks in Asia.

Your complete search is handled only by senior search professionals
Your search will be handled end-to-end by one of our partners, not a junior staff. Each of our partners has a minimum of 16 years professional work experience.

Candidates from ALL top-firms, not just from one
Many of our clients who are former consultants themselves are utilizing their own network to look for candidates from their own old firm. While this can be a first step to generate candidates, it also severely limits the candidate pool: you will be missing out on the 63-96% of candidates who work(ed) for other firms and who might be more suitable. We know candidates from all top-firms, not just McKinsey (where our founder used to work). E.g., we recently placed candidates who are (ex-) employees of BCG, Bain, McKinsey, A.T. Kearney, Booz and Monitor.

More than just one search method
Unlike other search firms which utilize only database-search or only headhunting, we use a variety of methods to generate the most suitable candidates to meet your recruitment needs. We generate candidates through a combination of referrals, direct approach, advertising and our regional database. 

Regional search approach
Unlike other search firms which operate in local silos (despite claims of a regional database), we offer you a truly regional search across Asia. As each local consulting market by itself is still relatively small, the candidates with the right skill-set are often spread across different locations in Asia. We will be able to find them for you as we know candidates in all corners of Asia. We are also able to find Asian candidates who are currently overseas but willing to relocate back to Asia.

Since 12 years on the ground in Asia, not 12 hours away
Unlike other Recruiters who try to fill positions in Asia while being based on another continent, each of our partners has been based in Asia for over 12 years on average. We know the difference between Lujiazui in Shanghai, Raffles Place in Singapore and Causeway Bay in Hong Kong because we have lived in all three cities. Candidates know and trust us, we are not just a voice on the phone.