Underutilized career hack

Ask your headhunter for career advice. Last week I had a long conversation with a McKinsey consultant. He is not ready to move yet. I agree he shouldn’t move at this time based on his tenure and career goals. But he reached out to me to get advice how to think about the following: – […]

Choose your headhunter carefully

If your headhunter is not giving you advice and telling you things you don’t already know, get a better headhunter. Applies both if you are a client or a candidate. Don’t tolerate low quality headhunters. There are plenty of top headhunters out there but you have to look for them. As a CANDIDATE, ask questions […]

How to prepare for a headhunter interview

This is an important conversation and will have impact on your career not only for the near-term, but also for the mid- to long-term future. Headhunters can be powerful allies for your career (some people call them king makers for a reason). Make the most of this opportunity and don’t just wing it. Spend an […]

Send your CV as an attachment, not as a link

This just happened to me twice in the last 24 hours: a candidate sends me his CV not by attachment, but via a link (to google documents in this case but the same goes for dropbox and similar services). Both links didn’t work for me so I had to email back asking for an attachment. […]