Underutilized career hack

Ask your headhunter for career advice. Last week I had a long conversation with a McKinsey consultant. He is not ready to move yet. I agree he shouldn’t move at this time based on his tenure and career goals. But he reached out to me to get advice how to think about the following: – […]

Common resume mistakes I have seen after reviewing >10,000 resumes

During thirteen years in executive search I have reviewed over 10,000 resumes. I still find that many resumes have errors in them. Why is this important? Because a resume represents you. The reader does not know you. So, the resume must show how great you are. You want the reader to think: ‘Wow, this candidate […]

How to customize your resume

The main goal of customizing your resume is to reduce mental load of the reader: you make it obvious that your experience is a great match. Make it clear what exactly you have done, don’t let the reader guess it. You do this by speaking the language of the reader, i.e., by using the keywords […]